• RTS Greenkeeper electrostatic grass sprayer

RTS Greenkeeper 35 KV electrostatic grass sprayer

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RTS Greenkeeper ® 35 kV (35000 Volt) Electrostatic Grass Sprayer for dressing grass. Also called Grasmaster, Grasinator or Static Grass fiber applicator. For use with Magigras and Magispray. Ideal for the HO scale. This grass dresser will give you incomparable results.

Maximum fibre height: 6-10 mm
Flocking height: 7 cm

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The RTS greenkeeper 35 KV static grass applicator

The RTS greenkeeper is a static fibre grass dresser or grass sprayer that works by ionising an electrostatic field. Ideal for the HO scale.

The RTS greenkeeper in its 35 kV (35000 Volt) version is designed for model professionals who consider themselves to be such or want to become such. The RTS greenkeeper meets the needs of many modelers as an electrostatic flocking device. We have responded to the wishes of many model enthusiasts by developing the RTS greenkeeper. The RTS greenkeeper is the most powerful flock straightener on the market and can easily straighten 6-12 mm fibers, even with the funnel-shaped tip. It keeps a good efficiency beyond 6 cm of the surface to flock. It now easily supplants the Grasmaster 2.0 or the Static Grass fibre applicator.

With the Magigras and the Magispay, you can obtain a tree effect or add fiber. In this case, you can achieve shrub or fibre heights of up to 6 cm.

Features of the RTS greenkeeper 35 KV

- Battery powered
- Package delivered with battery
- Voltage: 8,4 bis 9,6 Volt
- Power and output voltage 35000 Volt (35 kV)
- Works on fibers up to 14 mm
- Dimensions: Height 200 mm (with funnel 243 mm), Ø 70 mm
- Capacity 330 ml
- High voltage safety
- Electronic regulation
- Voltage control LED
- 24 months warranty
- Made in Germany

Contents of the RTS greenkeeper 35 KV package

- RTSgreenkeeper ® 35 kV
- 3x screen plugs (1x XL, 1x coarse, 1x fine)
- Screen funnel
- Plug
- Kable mass
- 9 v battery
- Operating instructions

Advantages of the RTS greenkeeper 35 KV

- Unmatched power
- Allows to straighten fibers up to 12 mm
- Battery saving thanks to push button

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