Tree structures

The model makers make the tree structures out of chewed copper wire. This work is extremely tedious and costly.

To solve this problem Microrama has designed Magitree tree structures. These are very realistic castings of branches in ionizing resin. This process allows the realization of structures for small scales as well as scales 1 or 0. The bark paste applied on the trunk allows you to customize it.

The ionizing property of the material allows you to connect the trunk to an electrostatic device and apply static fibers to realize the last ramifications. We recommend Magispray as glue. The glue residue can be removed with a brush and a little acetone.

Once finished, you sprinkle Magileaf to simulate the foliage or with fibers to make the conifers.

We advise you to sprinkle the fine tree with the Plasticizer to give it the flexibility and robustness necessary for its life.

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