Engraving rollers

Roulette de gravure

Tableau pour roulettes à graver

Outillage rouleau à graver

Three engraving supports: Styrofoam; Polypure and polymer clay. Two types of roller handle.

Engraving rollers are designed to handle the different shapes of paving stones, stones and textures on dioramas, models and model trains. Unlike ready-made plates, engraving allows curves and reliefs to be formed more easily.

We offer three types of materials to make these engravings. Styrodur (expanded polystyrene). This foam is well known to model makers and is a very soft material that is not resistant to solvents. It should be reserved for I and O gauges or for scales up to 1/43. Polypur is a polyurethane foam. This foam is harder than Styrodur, the grains are finer. It can be sanded, it is solvent resistant, and can be glued with any glue. It should be reserved for I and O scales or up to 1/43. It can be painted with acrylic paints but also with spray paint. It is the ideal material for large scales.

Finally, polymer clay will give the best results. It is the only solution from HO gauges or 1/87. The polymer paste is laminated into a plate with a paste laminator. Once engraved, the plate is baked in the oven at 110 degrees for 10 minutes or directly on your network with a hot air gun adjustable to the temperature of 110 °.

We offer two types of support. The painting support allows to put a roller between two broken rings. The second support allows you to assemble several rollers together (paving stones + curb + sewer etc.).

For Styrodur or Polypur foam sheets we advise you to pull with the support. For the polymer clay, you must pull on the other hand.

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