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Magiflex resin kit for making network structures

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Resin to make the structure of networks and dioramas quickly and cheaply in polystyrene
- One bag of the powder component Part A
- One can of the liquid component Part B

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Magiflex is a resin designed to make the structure of networks and dioramas quickly and cheaply

Most modelers who make dioramas or networks are confronted with the problem of making the structure. The traditional method of building with wood mesh and plaster is time consuming and expensive.

A simple and inexpensive way is to use Styrodur or polystyrene sheets. These sheets are easily cut with a cutter. The Magiplast resin thickened with the thickener allows the plates to be glued quickly in less than an hour. The cavities can be filled with expanded polystyrene balls mixed with Magigras. Thus, the structure, while being rigidified by Magiplast-Dur, remains flexible to allow at any time to cut with a cutter and to be able to prick needles or nails for the fixing of the objects. A layer of Flexigras ensures the finishing of the landscape.

This resin is Magiflex, a complementary product in the Microrama range of resins. The construction requires very few tools. Little noise. The result is very light. The realization is very fast because without intermediate time. The cost of production is greatly reduced thanks to the exclusive use of polystyrene. The resins being non-flammable, the use of M1 polystyrene allows an anti-fire certification for sensitive environments. In order to increase rigidity, we recommend economical honeycomb doors which ensure good rigidity for a low weight.

This resin exists. It is Flexigras, a product that was missing on the model making market.

Main characteristics :

- It is ideal for making volumes loaded with polystyrene beads
- Magiflex remains flexible so you can stick objects on it
- You stick it in one place with a pin without adding glue
- It can be cut with the cutter
- It adheres well to different materials
- It is applied with a painter's palette knife spatula in a thin layer
- The mixing cup and tools can be cleaned with water
- It is non-toxic contains cement (protect your hands if you are allergic to cement)
- Does not burn

Product designed and distributed by Microrama miniature


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